Bonaire ku Serbes

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Bonaire ku Serbes

from admin on 06/04/2018 09:36 PM

Dear Serbes Korsou,


First off all we want to thank you for the oppertunity to be the Bonerian distributor of the Montana Beer.

On tuesday the 29th of may we received our first shipment of the Montana Beer on Bonaire.
At Don Andres we received: one beer tap machine, two kegs of the Montana beer(red and blond) and one CO2 bottle.

The next day the beer tap machine was installed by Mister George Luna and he taught us how to tap properly and gave us a few tips. Mister Luna also informed us that a specialist would come to teach us how to properly clean the tap machine.

On thursday the 31st we launched the Montana Beer at the Kant'i Awa Snack. At first we had a few problems with the tap machine (temperture and beer foam) but with the help of Omar we resolved this issues easily.

On the first day we sold 25 cups (10oz) in total of the Montana and on the second day we sold 55 cups. Before buying a beer we gave the costumer a chance to test the new Montana Beer which had a positive result. The costumers were very pleased with Montana beer. Both local and tourists loved the blond beer, a lot of people commented that the beer tastes like the best pilsen beer of the world. The red beer was for the people who wanted an extra kick. The dutch crowd also loved both beers,there opinion was that the red beer reminded them of the Bokbier (this is a typical Dutch beer). The blond beer reminded them of the Grols beer.

During the beer introduction we got clients who where interested in the Montana tap machine. They wanted to know more and find out when and where they can get their own tap machine. We saved their contact information so we can keep them updated.

The owner of Kanti awa snack wants to order more Montana beer kegs,

Your Distributor Bonaire

Verstuurd vanaf

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