PortoMari Beach

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PortoMari Beach

from admin on 12/29/2017 03:21 PM

No so Many Places in the World similar than Playa PortoMari is an unique way to enjoy the nature, the classy and the love of Curacao.

It is magical the restaurant with the marvelous view of Blue clear water, with such wonderful hamburguers and paninis, uau and the red snapper is something delicious to enjoy it with a Montana Red Beer, It has been great just the experience of attending them.

Whenever it is maintenance day to PortoMari, I am just a volanteer to have a change day or week with that pure esence of the love of god.

It is nice to have the mix of a great value on accomodations and the great value of nice fishes and diving magic.

Thanks for Being Here Porto Mari


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Re: PortoMari Beach

from Montrega on 07/19/2020 04:33 PM

A very beautiful place. I want to go there!!!

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Re: PortoMari Beach

from sociorno on 02/25/2023 02:03 PM

Amazing place!



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Re: PortoMari Beach

from oliviaflores on 08/25/2023 03:07 PM

I would also like to visit Porto Mari beach, but I live too far from it. So I found a similar place in Spain - Las Salinas beach. To get there, we had to rent a car, you can find more useful info here. We really enjoyed our vacation there, I recommend it to everyone.



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Re: PortoMari Beach

from emmastewart on 11/23/2023 02:02 AM

This is a great place to relax!


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