Montana Blond Beer - A Premium Ale - Fresh and Picardy

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Montana Blond Beer - A Premium Ale - Fresh and Picardy

from admin on 08/23/2017 11:26 PM


                                                                The First one to be Produced.


                                                                          MONTANA BEER, SERBES MONTANA DI NOS

                                                                               An Ale Fresh Beer

Created to Meet our people's requirements

Develop through 3 years to the Best taste and the Real Beer for our People.

Has the freshness of the Sea, the picardy of our People, and Natural Sense of our Hearts.

Named DI NOS that Means FROM US at first, and then we took the name and convert it into our Slogan Montana Blond Beer - Di Nos Beer.

We created from Curacao to the World, with the idea of generate a Beer to be exportable and which means all the effort from the people who loves Curacao.

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